If you are fond of motorsport then Sunday July the 14th will most probably be firmly anchored down in your diary, this mark’s the date of the 2019 Formula E grand finale. Formula E for those not in the know, is the world’s first motorsport classification exclusively tailored for electric-powered cars.

What makes this year’s double-headed finale so exciting is that it will take place within the iconic streets of New York City and has been affectionately dubbed ‘The Battle Of Brooklyn’.

The rise in popularity of Formula E has been almost meteoric, considering how young the sport is. In a positive sense, Formula E’s success reflects the changing moods of society and the motorsport industry’s willingness to embrace a future that is environmentally conscious and forward thinking. As a company that was conceived, survived and thrived upon the principles of continuous development, immediately felt a sense of connection with Formula E led to Bosch becoming official brand partners.

July will see the technologically-driven city of New York, host one of the most exciting and forward thinking events in motorsport so why not make a long weekend of it? We’ve got some great suggestions to guide you during your short stay in one of America’s most tech-adaptive and innovative cities.

Arriving In The City

Arriving In The City

Flying into New York there’s an almost certain chance that you will have arrived in either JFK, LaGuardia or Newark airports. Return flights from London Heathrow to any of these airports over July roughly sit between £430 - £550. Regardless of where you have landed you’ll need transport to where you will be staying.

We’d recommend the esteemed and vibrant borough of Brooklyn which is located on the lower south side of the city. Getting to Brooklyn from the airport is now easier than ever due to the selection of various rideshare apps available. The Juno app has been making some serious waves in New York for paying their drivers more and sourcing them more selectively. More reason to use Juno right now is that they are offering 30% off all rides in New York for a limited time.

The Best Eco-Hotel In Brooklyn

In true spirit of the Formula E ethos, why not book a stay at the Wyndham Garden - the Brooklyn’s most eco-friendly hotel. The Wyndham has been praised for taking the initiative to be more sustainable in terms of conserving natural resources and carbon footprint reduction. We know that tourism can contribute it’s fair share of greenhouse gas emissions but hotels like the Wyndham are leading the fight to lessen the footprint of tourism and make it more sustainable.

Take some time to settle in, the Wyndham’s commitment to the environment by no means deducts from the plushness and comfort in every room.

Exploring Via Bike

Exploring Via Bike

Hopefully by Saturday morning you have recovered from the flight and are feeling refreshed and ready to explore for the day, if not, get yourself down to the Wyndham’s restaurant for a good breakfast and a strong coffee. Exploring New York via bike can be a smart move as you can avoid traffic, be more spontaneous as well as contributing to the environment by not sitting in a taxi in gridlocked traffic.

Citi Bike should be your first port of call, this bike sharing scheme boasts 12,000 bikes and 750 stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City. You can find your nearest station just ten minutes walk from the Wyndham on 2 Ave & 36 St. simply download the Citi Bike app and purchase a plan that suits you. The $12 daily plan is most probably the preferred option as this gives you the most flexibility.

The New York Transit Museum

In hot anticipation of the ‘Battle of Brooklyn’ why not pay a visit to the amazing New York Transport Museum which lies a short 3 mile cycle from the 2 Ave Citi Bike station. This really is a must for anyone with an interest in engines, cars and amazing feats of engineering. You’ll be amazed to learn how the work of a committed few created an underground network that would connect a population of 8.6 million people. You can even explore classic restorations of the vintage fleet of subway cars.

New York Hall Of Science

For us technology holds a pivotal place in our hearts which is why we’d recommend taking a trip to the stunning New York Hall of science in Corona, a neighbourhood to the north east of Brooklyn. The New York Hall of Science is an interactive modern museum packed full of exhibits, talks and installations exploring some of the most interesting aspects of science such as mechanics, engineering, ecology and animals.

Race Day

Race Day

You will want to rise fairly early on race day so that you can get to your allotted stand ready for the race. The good news is that the race is centred around the Red Hook Brooklyn street circuit which is a 20 minute Uber ride away from the Windham Garden Hotel. The Red Hook street circuit sits at the south westernly edge of Brooklyn and gives some breathtakingly iconic views of the Manhattan Skyline, Governors Island and the Statue of Liberty.

There’s a range of ticket options available including Podium Lounge, Skyline Lounge the Allianze village or standard grandstand tickets.

Once the race has finished you will probably be in great need of some quick no nonsense Brooklyn fayre in which case head to OLMSTED, which further continues our theme of eco-conscious establishments inline with the day’s previous race. They use small steps to save using resources and energy, want a bottle of champagne to cap off a long weekend? After you leave for your next adventure the ice cubes from the ice bucket will be melted then used to water the plants growing in the backyard. This innovative eatery is not only serving delicious food, but also thinking about food’s impact on the environment.

New York is a vast network of gem-filled boroughs so feel free to explore and discover to your heart’s content with an extended stay, with endless amounts to see and do.